As the name suggests, whether a walk is physically challenging, like the Kakoda track that I completed with my son in 2017, or a hosted walk where every creature comfort is organised for you, treading a path in nature is proven to be good for the soul. 

Having discovered the joys and benefits of walking after suffering loss and grief, I now love sharing walking holidays and walking experiences with others.  

I have enjoyed seeing that even in small groups, everyone’s journey on the same route is individual to them. People are often surprised and delighted by the experience. 

I went from being a local walker to walking the world. When you explore the world by foot you see it very differently. You immerse yourself more in the culture of a town or village and get the feel for how the locals live, which gives you a stronger sense of connection. 

One of my most memorable walking moment was Mont Blanc in 2016, the highest mountain in the European alps. I started with fear and trepidation and it was really the mindset of taking one step at a time that saw me complete it. The landscape of course was stunning.  

At one stage I went from walking in the sunshine to climbing a steel ladder on the side of the mountain in sleet and then snow. I was very ill-prepared for the change, wearing just exercise tights and a snow jacket. While I was thinking about how freezing cold I was, when I got to the top the mist cleared and revealed Lac Blanc; I’ve never seen a more majestic lake. 

Sole to Soul allows me to help you take in amazing landscapes and local villages on the best walking routes around the world. And to find the same joy and peace of mind I have found, one step at a time. 

I look forward to helping you make your walking dreams a reality.


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